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Hungarian Children's Book Illustrators

2-17 November 2016
Hungarian Cultural Centre London
10 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7NA
Opening: Wednesday 2 November at 6pm 


Once upon a time...
An exhibiton of children's book illustrators from Hungary

The Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists is an organization with 1500 members, professionals from the fine and applied arts. Now it has put together an exhibition of children's books illustrations: a genre with a glorious past and a great present. It shows more than 100 original pieces of art or prints from 27 artists. Some of them are awarded by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and the illustrations give us a fine selection of graphic representation.

Children's imagination and visual culture is stimulated by the fairy tales, songs and images they are exposed to in their first years of life. Research also suggests that children are much more open to process symbolic representation than adults do and have an inhanced capacity to perceive abstract content. This is also the age when they learn how to decipher images. So illustrations in children's books are vitally important in opening the way for them to appreciate and enjoy fine art later in life.
That's why it is a great pleasure for the organisation to show the work of very talented young Hungarian artists in England, which has such rich traditions in children's book illustration.

List of artists:
Írisz Agócs, Rozi Békés, Kati Bódi, Panka Deák, Katalin Endrődi, Kyru Ficzere, Adrienn Gyöngyösi, Anna Holló, Juli Ilyés, Csilla Kőszeghy, Fruzsina Kun, Réka Sajó, Dóra Lévai, Krisztina Maros, Kata Pap, Boglárka Paulovkin, Éva Pikler, Nóra Rácz, Krisztina Rényi, Renáta Rippl, Cecília Simonyi, Edit Szalma, Katalin Szegedi, János Szüdi, Melinda Vajda, Zsófi Varga, Virág Vécsey

Free entry but registration is required on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 2pm

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