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ArtInfusion: Science Meets Art

26-27 April 2017

26 April 7pm
Hungarian Cultural Centre
10 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7NA

27 April 6.30pm
Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre, UCLU
25 Gordon St, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0AY

Free entry but booking is required via the following link.


No.1 Science Meets Art
Discover the common border areas of arts and various disciplines.

We are seeking for intersection points through other fields and methods, and looking for the new frontiers. Speakers from different backgrounds will introduce the infusion of arts and their own fields, to expose the blind spots in the traditional account of arts. The first event will take place at the end of April in the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London, and will going to explore shared areas between natural sciences, technology and arts.

At first sight they might appear as something completely different, but scientific and artistic practices are alike in many ways. Their all-embracing scope cover every details of our world, like nature, people, materials, elements, mind and spirit as well. Furthermore their investigations are constantly seeking new methods and solutions.


History approves arts and sciences profound connection. Leonardo Davinci is a well-known example of the Renaissance man with his scholarly descriptions bearing high artistic qualities. As the harmony of the mind and feelings have dissolved, today he probably would be two different person. Specialization has divided people and disciplines, but some new trends are open to the multidisciplinary realignment.

Art is integrated in our culture and it could provide us a deeper understanding of emotions, to increase self-awareness and improves our daily lives. Furthermore encourages critical thinking and broad communication. It shapes the way we think through rendering and broadcasting emotions, experiences, ideas and impressions.

Art has many intersection points with other disciplines, and able to provide us fresh aspects, and to expand our scope. It brings the "Outside of the box" way of thinking, which can be beneficial during innovative and creative processes. Fresh horizons and dialogues are crucial to open up new ways of innovation, as development on multidisciplinary domains.


Programme in the Hungarian Cultural Centre on 26 April:

Dr Zoltán Kolláth: Harmony of the Universe - from crystal spheres to modern astrophysics
Dr Csaba Mengyán: Dimensions – in arts and sciences
Imre Bárd: Artists in the realm of Technology

Bálint Bolygó - Designer, artist

Doors will open at 6.30pm and the event starts at 7.00pm sharp.
Organized by art historian Anett Gecov in collaboration with and hosted by the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London.

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