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'Don't Fuss!' Dance, drums, feelings

Thursday 22 June 2017, 7pm
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 7AY


Don't Fuss!
Drums, feelings, trauma
A unique performance by the Góbi Dance Company
organised by the Hungarian Cultural Centre London.


'Don't Fuss!' is a duet by the Góbi Dance Company. Through music and dance Rita Góbi and Dávid Szegő (drums) explores the self and the constant present, which is sometimes very hard to face.

The 40-minute long dance performance analyses the elements of a relationship focusing on hysteria and the aftermath. The performance connects the rhytm of the drums and the humor that is 'hidden' in a couple's daily life, but can be observed by an outsider. And the outsiders are sitting and watching and laughing. Laughing at us. And at themselves, too.

'Don't Fuss' [ ...] displays structured madness full of nuances. It is a choreography that stays with
and transcends the materiality of the body. Rita draws us into the experience of an overwhelming
emotional state but remains the master of ceremony on stage.'
Laudatio Soloduo Festival, Cologne, 2015

Dance and choreography:
Rita Góbi
Music and rhytm: Dávid Szegő
Costume design: Judit Sinkovics
Creative producer: Ágnes Bakk

Rita Góbi has received the Best Hungarian Contemporary Dancer Award in 2015 and also the Best Solo Dancer Award at SoloDuo Festival in Cologne, Germany for this performance.
Interational appearances include Russia 2015, Romania 2016, Finland and Estonia 2016.


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