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Summer Music Festivals in Hungary

11-17 July 2017
0829_summer music festivals_EFOTT1
Once the awful and way too long exam period is over in early July, students head to EFOTT Festival and let their hair down at the biggest student party in Hungary. EFOTT is a Hungarian acronym for the National Touristic Meeting of University and College Students. The festival has been moving from one Hungarian town to another for more than 30 years hence it has been labeled a touristic festival. This year's location is Velence again, a town situated next to a lake, only 40 minutes from Budapest. At this year's EFOTT you can expect lots of live acts by famous international and Hungarian bands, musicians and DJ-s and well-known stand-up comedians.
For more information please check the website of EFOTT.

Valley of Arts

21-30 July 2017
Taliándörögd, Vigántpetend, Kapolcs
0829_summer music festivals_Mvszetek vlgye
The Valley of Arts is a 27-year-old pan-art festival on the northern coast of Lake Balaton. This cultural paradise has been organized for many years with numerous outstanding events on offer probably in the most beautiful region of Hungary. The Balaton-felvidék and the villages where the festival hosts its programmes is the most enchanting region in Hungary. Rolling hills, cute villages, lake Balaton popping up on the horizon at every corner, the sun colouring your white wine golden... The Valley of Arts offers events ranging from theater performances through pottery workshops to live concerts, shows and anything and everything to do with art. The events are spread across the villages so visitors go on foot, by local festival bus, by bike or other means of transport to the different sites of the festival. But wherever they go they can always stumble upon something exciting happening.
For futher information and the full programme please visit the website of Valley of Arts.

FEZEN Festival

2-5 August 2017
0829_summer music festivals_FEZEN
FEZEN used to be for the guys from town - now it's for everyone. The popularity of the festival is growing with light speed and the fest is now amongst the biggest ones in Hungary. During the festival people flock from all corners of the country and even from further afield towards Székesfehérvár, which becomes the heart of the musical scene of the country. FEZEN used to be for metalheads - now it's for everyone. During the past 16 years the musical spectrum has become quite varied ranging from folk through electronic to metal.
For futher information and the full programme please visit the website of FEZEN.

Sziget Festival

9-16 August 2017
0701-0829_summer music festivals_Sziget
Sziget Festival is one of the biggest multicultural events of Europe, which was started in 1993 and already is now celebrating its 25th edition. The festival attracts almost 400 000 fans from over 70 countries to a beautiful island in the heart of Budapest, providing a complete festival-holiday experience with non-stop partying, great live concerts, a widely international community and all the touristic features the city has to offer. Sziget is the Island of Freedom that could also be regarded as an independent state. Sziget is many festivals in one, a week-long non-stop event with approx. 50 venues and around 200 events daily. Performing bands range from the biggest names of the international pop/rock scene to stars of world and electronic music, but you will also find metal, folk, jazz, blues, alternative and even classical tunes, while you are exploring the huge festival area. This year's line-up includes Kasabian, Pink and Wiz Khalifa just to mention a few of the biggest names.
For futher information and the full programme please visit the website of Sziget Festival.

SZIN, Youth Days of Szeged

23-26 August 2017
0701-0829_summer music festivals_SZIN.jpg
SZIN Festival is one of the biggest end-of-summer parties which happens during the last weekend of August. The festival was launched in 1968 and had some successful years but took a 20-year-long break. The festival was re-launching in 2003. The programming is geared towards a young audience with fantastic concerts and supporting events. Every year thousands of young people visit Szeged to enjoy this spectacular festival. 
For futher information and program please visit the website of SZIN.

You can find many more events on the Go to Hungary website.


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