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20 & 24 Sept 2020








Art that destroys tyrannies
by István Orosz
20 Sept 2020 | 7.30 PM


Meet the designer of a political poster ending communist dictatorship in Hungary. Explore the atmosphere of anti-communist art beyond the Iron Curtain. Comrades, it's over!

Meet István Orosz, poster designer and animator. In the 1980s, a known poster designer for museums, theatres, galleries, and cinemas during the day and a member of multiple, illegal anti-Communist artist groups during the night. His works are praised internationally for a postmodern approach by archaic forms, art historical references, stylistic quotations, and playful self-reflection.

His political activism peaked in 1989 when he designed a political poster on nations beyond the Iron Curtain standing up against Soviet-style communist oppression. It was entitled "Tovarishi Koniec" (meaning Comrades, it is over). First, it was adopted by the campaign for Hungary's first democratically elected government (of the now-defunct MDF party), quickly turning into an international symbol of the regime changes in Central and Eastern Europe.

In this presentation, filled with creative graphics, István Orosz highlights not only his symbolism in graphic designs but shares the unique artistic atmosphere of the 1980s in a country on the brink of democratization.



Great Empires and the Great War
by Dr Maria Schmidt, John O'Sullivan, Dr Tamás Barcsay
24 Sept 2020 | 6 PM


Central Powers or Allies. Victorious or defeated. A global empire or a local empire. Discover the similarities and differences the aftermath of the Great War brought for the British Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

"World War II has ended, the Cold War has ended, but the Great War continues." - claims historian Dr Maria Schmidt in her recent book entitled "A New World has Born."

Join this intellectual journey as British and Hungarian experts explore similarities and differences after 1920 seemingly brought an agreement to cease fire on the old continent.

In this trailblazing discussion, chief historian of Hungary's WWI Remembrance Committee, Dr Maria Schmidt, former senior advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, John O'Sullivan and Professor and historian Dr Tamás Barcsay to re-discover the aftermath of the Great War and how it transformed the societies of the British Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire into what we call Great Britain and Hungary today.


These programmes are brought to you by the Hungarian Cultural Centre London in association with the Chelsea History Festival.


More information available on the Chelsea History Festival's website.


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